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Lowongan Kerja Pt. Krakatau Engineering Cilegon Banten 2013

Lowongan kerja PT. Krakatau Engineering Cilegon Banten 2013 menawarkan kesempatan kerja bagi para lulusan teknik mesin maupun teknik elektronik untuk berkarir di salah satu perusahaan yang dimiliki oleh PT. Krakatau Steel (Persero) tersebut. Berita untuk lowongan kerja PT. Krakatau Engineering Cilegon Banten 2013 kali ini sengaja penulis berikan semoga dapat lebih membantu para pencari kerja untuk lebih gampang dalam mencari peluang kerja demi masa depan karir mereka nantinya. Selengkapnya untuk lowongan kerja PT. Krakatau Engineering Cilegon Banten 2013 dapat anda lihat berikut ini dan perhatikan dengan baik-baik setiap persyaratan yang diberikan oleh perusahaan tersebut.



PT. Krakatau Engineering is a rapid sustainable growth EPC Company into the Indonesian Top Big Five of company in the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance services related to the industries and infrastructures.
PT. Krakatau Engineering owned by PT. KRAKATAU STEEL (Persero), having its Head Office in Cilegon with on-going projects in all parts of Indonesia. In order to support the current and future project executions we are inviting highly qualified, self motivated and performance oriented Engineers to join into our team.

QA/QC Electrical/Mechanical

Job Location: PT. Krakatau Engineering Home Office (Cilegon) & Project Sites arround Indonesia. | Deadline: 05 July 2013

Job Description

  • Check and evaluate the company's product specifications and examining whether it is in accordance with the standards / customer’s requirements.
  • Establish quality assurance to achieve the target.
  • Directs workers involved in testing and measuring product, tabulating data that’s relating to the quality of the product / material.
  • Maintain and prepare documentation of the quality control procedures.
  • Make activities plan on the QA / QC project to achieve quality and cost that has been budgeted, have coordination with the QA / QC Department.
  • Supervise technical team of doing inspection and testing to ensure product conformity in accordance with the specifications and related procedures.
  • Find / provide problems solving solutions related to the quality of the work.
  • Evaluate the QA / QC implementation on each project around division continually and give report in the monthly report of division.
  • Assisting the Marketing in terms of compliance documents and information as well as technical clarification pre-qualification and other tender requirements.
  • Develop and implement good corporate governance, according to Management System (SMKE) of PT. Krakatau Engineering and perform continuous improvement to produce better quality work.


  • Assisting the development of systems and procedures and plan activities QA / QC in the project together with the user / project teams coordinate with QC / QC System.
  • Help in making systems and procedures, and policies in their respective areas in accordance with the field work.
  • Monitoring, duduk masalah / QC personnel in the project, as well as recommend / QC personnel for the proposed projects.


  • Bachelor/Diploma Degree (S1/D3) in Mechanical / Electrical Engineering
  • Have at least 3 years experience in the same Position
  • Must have the bility to organize and direct all activities pertaining to the QA/QC works so as to meet schedule, quality and safety requirements of the project an well versed in codes, standart, practices and classification rules and regulation.
  • Smart worker and be able to work under pressure
  • HO at Cilegon and willing to be placed at KE Project sites
  • Willing to be started as contract employee

Other Information

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Sampai dikala artikel ihwal Lowongan Kerja PT. Krakatau Engineering Cilegon Banten 2013 ini ditulis, telah ada sebanyak 8 orang yang mengajukan diri atau sebagai pelamar kerja untuk posisi tersebut. Kaprikornus kompetensi tetap haruslah diutamakan dalam melamar suatu pekerjaan. Anda dapat lihat lowongan kerja Sidoarjo untuk mencari alternatif lain kalau nantinya anda kurang suka dengan Lowongan Kerja PT. Krakatau Engineering Cilegon Banten 2013 ini.

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